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Ana Lilia Buendia

Traditional and safest places to retire in Mexico

If you are considering spending your retirement life in Mexico, or maybe, to possess a property to stay on vacation, then you are most likely to only focus on safes places to retire.

In Mexico, security is an issue that American people must take into consideration before traveling, according to the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), an American institution in charge of encouraging cooperation for security between private institutions and The US Department of State.

And it is true. There are some unsafe Mexican cities and neighborhoods, where it is not so much recommended to travel, and living is not considered as safe as it is supposed to be.

Nevertheless, Mexico has excellent destinations to travel and live

Year after year, Americans choose only certain destinations to go on vacation and to spend retirement, due to the flow of local investment, and the great efforts made by both Mexican and US authorities, in order to keep tourism and security stable. Resulting in a great experience which only a place like Mexico is able to provide.

In other words, only certain destinations keep a level of security worthy to live. 

Regarding this, I have to demonstrate, throughout this post, the worthiest places to live in Mexico, chosen by Americans, endorsed by the OSAC as well as the Mexican authorities.

Top: Traditional and Safest places to retire in Mexico

According to the National Survey of Urban Public Safety (ENSU), which provides “estimates on the perception of public safety in the population aged 18 years old and over in urban areas”, and where 100% is the highest range of insecurity, these cities are considered the safest places to retire in Mexico.

  1. San Pedro Garza García (range of insecurity: 7.1%)

San Pedro Garza García is located in the north of Mexico, in the state of Nuevo Leon. It is the most important corporate epicenter after Mexico City. In recent years, it has become a place of high purchasing power. It is an urban area with modern avenues, large residences, luxury shopping centers, large green areas, high quality hospitals and high-prestige schools.

There is no doubt, San Pedro Garza is the safest place to retire in Mexico.

2. Tampico (range of insecurity: 24.4%)

City and port of Mexico, located in the Huasteca region of Tamaulipas, Tampico is a small city full of Mexican history where you can have a life surrounded by culture, people and a peaceful life in front of the sea.

With just 297,562 inhabitants, Tampico is listed as a small tourist destination for all ages. Living in this city is like finding simplicity and fullness.

3. Los Cabos (range of insecurity: 25.4%)

One of the most appreciated tourist destinations by people around the world is Baja California Sur. This place is a mix of white deserts with the beautiful “Mar del Cabo”. It is a land with open-air restaurants, golf clubs, resorts, luxury residential areas, and of course a wonderful traditional Mexican cuisine.

Many American people prefer Los Cabos to live in and/or to travel.

4. Mérida (range of insecurity: 26.3%)

In the south of Mexico, in the state of Yucatán, is Mérida. A place characterized for being an ancient Mayan city and because of its close resemblance to a paradise, where there are beaches extracted from the very heaven.

It is a small city with a large flow of tourists, with a warm climate, full of restaurants, resorts, residential areas, parks, golf clubs, and nightclubs.

In other words, it is a magnificent place to rest.

5. La Paz (range of insecurity: 35.4%)

The neighboring city of Los Cabos does appear on this list, of course. Mirror of everything marvelous in this life, La Paz is the near-beach top place for retirement in Mexico.

6. Puerto Vallarta (ranne of insecurity: 39.4%)

Located on the west coast of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican symbol of tourism, due to its quality of life and its oceanfront landscape in a picturesque town.

It also has an extensive residential complex, hotels, casinos, shopping centers, golf clubs, restaurants and charming beaches.

Moreover, Puerto Vallarta has as its neighbor Nuevo Vallarta, a tourist place very similar to Puerto Vallarta, which is located only 20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and for the time being, it continues growing. Therefore, it has these and other new amenities to look for a retirement life in Mexico.

There is no question about its magnificence as a paradise where everyone would crave to live in.

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By Ana Lilia Buendia

Ana Lilia Buendía, Real Estate advisor with more than 20 years of experience in Mexican and International Real Estate, and promoter partner of the famous real estate firm, Agave Sotheby's International Realty, offers her experience and knowledge to advise you on the purchase of Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende.

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