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San Miguel de Allende - Place for Retire
Ana Lilia Buendia

San Miguel de Allende: One of the best places for retirement in Mexico

Mexico is one of the chosen destinies for retirement amongst people from all over the world.

There are many reasons why foreigners choose Mexico. On top of them, it’s the warmth of the people who live here. And not only that, but also the economic power that the people who come here enjoy because of the difference in currency . If that were not enough, Mexico also offers delightful weather, beaches brought from heaven, and a quiet life amongst the various and unique qualities that make Mexico a paradise for people from the US .

Some of the most preferred cities to go on retirement are Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, La Paz, Sayulita or Playa del Carmen. Nevertheless, there is another little city which is appreciated, as much as the other three, by some of the most exquisite people who are looking for culture, beauty, warmth and peace: it is no other than San Miguel de Allende.

¿Why are there a community of foreigners who choose San Miguel de Allende to go on retirement?

San Miguel de Allende has been since some decades ago one of the most preferred cities for American people to enjoy retiring, owing to its joyful people and town, surrounded by beautiful and unique landscapes, equestrian activities, a cultural and sophisticated environment , and of course, a place to enjoy a relaxed and luxurious life.

All these facts make Mexico a community with so many Americans living here on a daily basis, as well as a place fueled with tourists from around the world who visit, year by year, this magical town to attend a variety of events. Some of them are the following: Charrerías, wine tasting, car exhibitions, art galleries y and golf tournaments.

In other words, people who live in San Miguel enjoy a life full of entertainment, pleasure and culture, while enjoying perfect weather and, of course, gastronomy of international stature. You can find this once and for all in just one single place: San Miguel de Allende.

san miguel de allende best places retire in mexico
san miguel de allende best places retire in mexico

Great Location and Wheather

San Miguel de Allende de Allende is a municipality in the state of Guanajuato, which is located in central Mexico. Guanajuato borders Michoacán, Jalisco, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro and Hidalgo. It has direct roads from all of these states in Mexico.

Traditional life

San Miguel de Allende de Allende offers a life away from the pressures of the big city, offering a diverse culture, social, business, altruistic and artistic activities.

In San Miguel de Allende, you can live in an equestrian ranch surrounded by beautiful horses, or a complex of houses and apartments with amenities.  In San Miguel de Allende, people enjoy the famous dances of the concheros, charrería exhibitions, a parade of catrinas, a religious procession, mariachis, and mogijangas celebrating weddings. It is magnificent to live and experience our traditions and culture in a natural environment, simple and full of the passion that we all long for in times and that will surely return soon.  Life in San Miguel de Allende de Allende is the return to a life of tranquility and enjoyment.

Luxury Living

If a luxurious lifestyle is what you are looking for, San Miguel de Allende offers spectacular Mansions full of luxury and amenities. These are found in various areas both in the center of San Miguel de Allende and on the outskirts of town, some with all the comforts of the first world.


As a tourist city, San Miguel de Allende de Allende offers its visitors and residents sophisticated entertainment. There are golf courses with their own tournaments, polo matches, classic car shows, wine tastings, horse shows, and chamber music.

Exceptional Celebrations

The famous Parroquia de San Miguel de Allende is the place of excellence for wedding celebrations.

For this reason, San Miguel de Allende is known as “The Mecca of Weddings”, since every weekend (before the pandemic) up to 15 weddings were held, from the simplest to the most ostentatious celebrations. Foreign visitors and celebrities travel to this wonderful place to get married. Not only hotels and luxurious estates that meet the demand of visitors, but sometimes even the rooms or houses of individuals.

Weddings are exceptional for limousine or traditional carriage rides. And the celebrations take place in beautiful estates that make the events moments of dreams, worthy of Hollywood movies.

There is a very active real estate market in San Miguel de Allende

Every year, hundreds of people decide to start looking for the best investment for their money, and, therefore, a real estate to acquire. Amongst these, people can find departments, luxurious houses, mansions and ranches to live in, depending on what fits best for everyone.

Major real estate firms and agencies such as Sothebys International Realty lead this market.

In 2020, readers of Condé Nas Traveler magazine ranked San Miguel de Allende as the second best city in the world to live in, for the second time. You can see the information in the following link:

If you are thinking about spending your retirement in Mexico, under no circumstances should you not consider San Miguel de Allende as an option. If you have never visited San Miguel before, you ought to discover it!

Are not all of the above reasons enough for you to consider San Miguel de Allende as one of your best options for retirement in Mexico? Make an appointment with us and discover it by yourself right now! 

By Ana Lilia Buendia

Ana Lilia Buendía, Real Estate advisor with more than 20 years of experience in Mexican and International Real Estate, and promoter partner of the famous real estate firm, Agave Sotheby's International Realty, offers her experience and knowledge to advise you on the purchase of Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende.

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