Meet San Miguel: A Great mexican place to invest in Real Estate

Why invest in San Miguel de Allende real estate today

The economic earthquake that has resulted from the coronavirus has pushed investors to seek investment alternatives in order to protect their money against the deadly blows of inflation and currency depreciation. Traditionally, investors put their money into mutual funds, government bonds, opening a business and real estate, each with their own benefits and risks. Historically, real estate has proven to generate a return on investment, ensuring a constant return and producing profitability over time with the proper research and guidance.

buying real estate in san miguel de allende

Currently, real estate investors are taking into account the exodus of families and first-time buyers leaving large cities to more rural areas, with the intention of avoiding the spread of the coronavirus that exists within large cities and congregations.

According to data from the Center of Excellence for Economic Statistics (ESCOE), in a note published in the BBC about 1,300,000 foreigners have left the United Kingdom between the third quarter of 2019 and the same period of 2020. The same phenomenon is happening in Mexico. Those who can are traveling from the metropolitan areas and southern Mexico to the central and northern areas of the country.

For now, and until the end of the pandemic (an answer that nobody knows), people are looking for places away from large cities to settle in locations with open spaces, gardens and green areas, just as artists and celebrities have done since the beginning of 2020 due to Coronavirus.This new demand for real estate is one that was unforeseen and is now on the minds of all of us, the traditional and joyous life that small cities offer.

For these reasons, I want to write about San Miguel de Allende de Allende, Mexico as an excellent place to live and to invest in real estate. I will mention its qualities that exist everywhere, its bonanzas, the quality of life and of course, the added value that it promises.

It is not only my opinion and experience to support this, but the data, facts, arguments, truths and references from other media will as well.

Let’s talk about San Miguel de Allende de Allende as a real option to invest in Real Estate.


San Miguel de Allende de Allende is a municipality in the state of Guanajuato, which is located in central Mexico. Guanajuato borders Michoacán, Jalisco, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro and Hidalgo. It has direct roads from all of these states in Mexico.

Although the climate of Guanajuato is classified as “semi-arid”, it varies from Municipality to Municipality. San Miguel de Allende de Allende is a rather temperate climate that both Mexicans and foreigners adore with enough water and infrastructure at all times.

Guanajuato, in turn, is part of the so-called “Diamante de México” or Diamond of Mexico which is an economic-industrial corridor in the Midwest-West region of Mexico, made up of Mexico, Guadalajara, León, Irapuato, Celaya, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí and Aguascalientes.

The Diamond of Mexico

This economic network is the industrial power of Mexico with important industrial, manufacturing, real estate, agricultural and textile activity. This network covers 17% of the national territory, concentrates 45% of the total population, and 51% of the gross domestic product, according to information from the Fundación Metrópoli Implaneg.

About San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende de Allende was declared a cultural heritage of humanity in 2008 by UNESCO, for its vast artistic culture, ranging from traditional charrismo, chamber music, painting, luxury shopping and its spectacular quality of life.

San Miguel de Allende de Allende is a tourist attraction, a playground for international artists, retired politicians, retired millionaires and vacationing celebrities. Recently, in 2020 the city was named “The best small best city in the world”, by the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler.

Living in San Miguel de Allende

Beyond the ostentatious titles that San Miguel de Allende de Allende has been awarded, I will expose the wonderful life that its inhabitants enjoy.

Traditional life

San Miguel de Allende de Allende offers a life away from the pressures of the big city, offering a diverse culture, social, business, altruistic and artistic activities.

In San Miguel de Allende, you can live in an equestrian ranch surrounded by beautiful horses, or a complex of houses and apartments with amenities.  In San Miguel de Allende, people enjoy the famous dances of the concheros, charrería exhibitions, a parade of catrinas, a religious procession, mariachis, and mogijangas celebrating weddings. It is magnificent to live and experience our traditions and culture in a natural environment, simple and full of the passion that we all long for in times and that will surely return soon.  Life in San Miguel de Allende de Allende is the return to a life of tranquility and enjoyment.

Luxury Living

If a luxurious lifestyle is what you are looking for, San Miguel de Allende offers spectacular Mansions full of luxury and amenities. These are found in various areas both in the center of San Miguel de Allende and on the outskirts of town, some with all the comforts of the first world.

Automated stairs, private bowling alleys, sports facilities, star gazebos, vineyards, helipads, horse tracks, koi lakes, fruit trees, flora and fauna species, reading rooms, elevators, panoramic views.

Additionally, the location of these luxurious homes makes them exceptional with easy access to international restaurants, art galleries, jewelry stores, antique stores, imported furniture stores from the East and interior decoration, cinemas, theater, shopping malls and countless numbers more of interesting activities.


As a tourist city, San Miguel de Allende de Allende offers its visitors and residents sophisticated entertainment. There are golf courses with their own tournaments, polo matches, classic car shows, wine tastings, horse shows, and chamber music.

Luxurious developments such as those of Hipico Otomi and La Santísima Trinidad offer these shows, as well as stables for your own horses. It is, in effect, the life of classical high society.

Exceptional Celebrations

The famous Parroquia de San Miguel de Allende is the place of excellence for wedding celebrations.

For this reason, San Miguel de Allende is known as “The Mecca of Weddings”, since every weekend (before the pandemic) up to 15 weddings were held, from the simplest to the most ostentatious celebrations. Foreign visitors and celebrities travel to this wonderful place to get married. Not only hotels and luxurious estates that meet the demand of visitors, but sometimes even the rooms or houses of individuals.

Weddings are exceptional for limousine or traditional carriage rides. And the celebrations take place in beautiful estates that make the events moments of dreams, worthy of Hollywood movies.

In summary, if you did not know San Miguel de Allende de Allende, it is a well known city by travelers from all over the world.

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Buying Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende

Buying Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende

If you have already decided to buy houses in San Miguel, this is what you should know.

San Miguel de Allend has a very active real estate market, both in small houses and in large properties, apartments, luxury homes, lands, ranches, vineyards, direct sale of owners. That is why potential buyers are going to run into all kinds of sellers, as well as people who are supposed to get you the right property.

In such circumstances, he prepared this guide. So that in your process of buying a real estate, you have the best possible experience and get what you want.

Check if you are dealing with a real estate professional

Do not put yourself in the hands of the first person who offers to help you, ask and find out if he is really a real estate consultant, and if he has a license to carry out such activity. In Mexico, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) endorses the capacity and professionalism of those who dedicate themselves to this activity.

In addition, it is convenient that you ask about their experience in the field, and if they work independently or under the protection of a real estate firm. If the latter is the case, find out whenever possible from their acquaintances the reputation and comments about the person, as well as the firm they represent.

Don’t jump from agent to agent and office to office

The inexperienced or first-time buyer usually makes the mistake of thinking that for each house they will have to deal with a particular real estate advisor, or worse, that if they deal directly with the owner they will achieve a better price by not making use of intermediaries. Error! If you did the correct work mentioned in the previous point, you will be in the hands of someone who will surely have to know all the real estate inventory on the market, and will know how to immediately identify the properties that could be adapted to your needs and budget. You are not!

Also avoid going from office to office looking for what or which house each promotes to see if they have one that may interest you. The advantage of dealing with a professional is that you not only know your own inventory, but also that of each of the other real estate offices. You will save a lot of time and have access to more options with the least effort, as your real estate advisor will take care of organizing the visit to the specific property of your interest, or to several of them that may be to your liking, coordinating with real estate colleagues , days, routes and schedules.

In this sense, do not work or try to work at the same time with more than one real estate consultant, this all it does is confuse colleagues with each other, and you sometimes put yourself in uncomfortable situations when it turns out that when you arrive with one of them to a property he meets there with another advisor who had already shown him the same house. You should know that as members of the AMPI, the real estate consultants of San Miguel de Allende have collaboration agreements where rather than fighting for a commission, they prefer to share it and give better customer service.

Make your purchase offer in writing

If you’ve reached the point where you’ve settled on a property, you always have the opportunity to make a lower-priced offer on that home. To avoid confusion in the terms, quantities, conditions, etc., in which you offer to make the purchase, it is preferable to do so in a serious and formal way in writing. Your real estate consultant will help you with that. Keep in mind that even if your offer has been accepted, while there is no deposit involved, the property will remain on the market and could be sold by its owner at any time.

If you’re trying to get a big price cut, probably be prepared for a counter offer from the owner, and a back and forth of push and pull until you agree on the final price. Until recently most trades were closed at an average of 5% below the initial price; however, this margin during 2020 has been reduced by up to 20% or more in some cases, depending on the needs of the seller and the property. If the house in question is in a highly desirable location, and / or priced appropriately for the current market, it is best to be reasonable when placing an offer as there is a risk that someone else will come along and win it.

buying real estate in san miguel de allende
buying real estate in san miguel de allende

Sign a private contract of sale and make a deposit

No matter how quickly you want to carry out a formal sale before a notary, this can take at least a couple of weeks, if not a couple of months depends on the particular conditions of each case. This is why for the security and tranquility of both the buyer and the seller, it is advisable to capture each and every one of the details of the transaction in a private contract, defining how and when a deposit will be executed in San Miguel de Allende follows is at least 10% of the agreed price.

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