San Miguel de Allende Real Estate

Ana Lilia Buendía, belonging to the prestigious Agave Sotheby's International Realty brand, presents to you not only the property listings, but all those that best suit your investment needs.

How can I help you?

Direct attention.
Either by digital, telephone or personal means, we will always attend directly to the client. Never through secretaries or third parties.

Property Information.
Either in advance, by sending images, or descriptions, if the client so requires, a list of possible properties that meet their expectations is sent to them for review and selection in their case.

Properties sample.
Door to Door Service, we will visit with the client each and every one of the properties selected for their physical sample, scheduling days and hours to do so and being able to return several times to the same property or at different times for a better appreciation of the properties. themselves.

Presentation and Negotiation of the Offer.
Based on market experience, we guide the client on the bases under which they must present his or her offers, negotiating their requests for them and putting their interests first at all times, to the point where an agreement is reached with the Selling Party.

Preparation of Contracts and Documentation.
Presentation of the Purchase-Sale Promise contract through which the operation will be “tied up” under the terms of the Law, trying to cover all aspects and details of the offer, as well as those established by the Law for this type of documents, making as many versions in English and / or Spanish, as changes or corrections are necessary.

Opening of Security Accounts and Documentation.
Step by step we take the client by the hand to protect their investment and capital by depositing it in an authorized security account that will protect all the Parties and will provide for the use of money obtained illicitly, guaranteeing at all times that none of the Parties involved or With interest in the negotiations, have access at any time to the money that is handled for the operation, until all the points agreed in the previous contract have been fulfilled.

Permits and special documentation for foreigners.
In the case of foreign clients, they are advised and assisted in everything related to the procedure of acquiring properties in Mexican territory, whether they are foreign individuals or legal entities, doing all the processing for them and avoiding all kinds of stress.

Notarial Arrangements.
Coordination and arrangement of details with the Notary selected for the deed until the point where the deed of sale is signed.

Inspection. Contact and necessary arrangements for an authorized inspector to carry out (if the client so requests) a general inspection of the property to be purchased, and where appropriate to check that the necessary arrangements are made.

Change the owner of the services.
Guarantee that each and every one of the services such as electricity, water, telephone, etc. be delivered without outstanding balances on the day of the deed and once signed in the name of the new owner, all the name changes of each service are made.

Final Reports.
Once all our work is finished, we will give you a final report of your deposits, expenses and distribution of the money that was in the security account and that will be dispersed at the time of signing.